Old Bowling Green
Dining at The Old Bowling Green
Sorry, but our Kitchen is closed on the evening of Thursday 26th April.
Your Menu

Your Menu

Do check the "Chalk Board"

To Start - or "light bites" - or make your own Tapas selection -
Homemade Soup. Choice of flavours, please ask. With a warm roll too.£4.45
Prawn Salad Cold water prawns in Marie Rose sauce with salad, and bread & butter£5.50
Brie Wedges Lightly breadcrumbed, deep fried and served with cranberry sauce£4.95
Jalapeño Peppers Deeps fried, stuffed with cream cheese, lightly crumbed, minted yogurt£5.50
Whitebait Coated in crumb, served with tartare sauce, bread & butter & salad£5.50
Garlic Mushrooms Crispy coated mushrooms with garlic mayo and garnish of salad£4.95
Tempura Battered King Prawns Served with a sweet chilli dip and salad garnish£5.95
Main Course: Salad or vegetables, potatoes or rice included
Choose Sweet potato fries as an option... £1
Tagliatelle Carbonara creamy cheese & mushroom sauce, smoked bacon, garlic bread£12.50
8oz Sirloin Steak With onion rings and mushrooms, vegetables or salad & potatoes£14.50
Black pepper sauce or creamy Stilton sauce? please order with your steak£1.75
Lasagne al forno homemade beef lasagne. Prime lean mince. With garlic bread or chips£11.50
Liver & Onions Tender lambs liver & smoked home cured bacon with creamy mash£11.50
Chicken Hartington Slices of breast meat under a rich creamy Stilton sauce.£10.75
Chilli con Carne Homemade, prime lean mince. With Basmati rice or chips – or both£10.50
Bangers & Mash Nick Coates own, with garden peas, choice of flavours£9.95
Scampi Wholetail Whitby Scampi - lightly battered, deep fried, garden peas & chips£11.50
Gourmet Salmon Fishcakes Homemade to our special recipie. With salad & potatoes£11.50
Thai Green Chicken Curry. Medium Thai spiced sauce with lime leaves. Rice or chips£12.50
Chicken Tikka Masala An old favourite, medium hot.. Cream & coriander sauce£11.95
2 x pappadom and pickle tray £2.95
Steak Pie Individual pie, served with beef gravy and peas, chips, mash or new pots£7.95
Chicken & Mushroom Pie As above, but served with chicken gravy this time£7.45
Steak & Kidney Pie A meaty slice of pie, with new, mash or chips; beef gravy & peas£7.95
Your Vegetarian Main Courses:
Omelette 3 free range eggs. Plain- Mushroom or Cheese (both if you like) salad & chips£8.50
Vegetarian Lasagne An old favourite, served with salad and garlic bread or chips£10.50
Chickpea Curry with sweet potato. Choose rice or chips - or both? (Vegan) Medium£10.50
Penang Curry Cauli, mange tout, green beans & peppers in coconut sauce (Vegan)£10.50
Cheese & Tomato Quiche Homemade. Served with chips or new, and salad£9.50
Cheese & Onion Pie. crisp shortcrust pastry, with vegetarian gravy, garden or mushy?£7.45

Full allergy info is available at the bar, but please advise any allergies when ordering.

Sunday Lunch

We offer a traditional roast lunch with all the trimmings, and a more casual menu too
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