Old Bowling Green
Dining at The Old Bowling Green
Sorry, but we're unable to cater for large parties.
Your Menu

Your Menu

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To Start - or "light bites" - or make your own Tapas selection -
Homemade Soup. Choice of flavours, please ask. With a warm roll too.£4.45
Brie Wedges Lightly breadcrumbed, deep fried and served with cranberry sauce£4.95
Jalapeño Peppers Deeps fried, stuffed with cream cheese, lightly crumbed, minted yogurt£5.50
Whitebait Coated in crumb, served with tartare sauce, and brown bread & butter£5.50
Garlic Mushrooms Crispy coated mushrooms with garlic mayo£4.95
Tempura Battered King Prawns Served with a sweet chilli dip£5.95
Main Course: vegetables, choice of potatoes, or rice included
Choose Sweet potato fries as an option... add £1
Tagliatelle Carbonara creamy cheese & mushroom sauce, smoked bacon, and garlic bread£13.50
Locally Reared 8oz Sirloin Steak onion rings, mushrooms, veg and choice of potatoes£15.50
Black pepper sauce or creamy Stilton sauce? please order with your steak£1.75
Lasagne al forno homemade, Prime lean local beef mince, garlic bread or chips & salad£13.50
Liver & Onions Tender lambs liver & smoked home cured bacon, with creamy mash & veg£12.50
Chilli con Carne Homemade, prime local lean mince. With rice or chips – or both£11.50
Bangers & Mash From our butcher, with garden peas and gravy, choice of flavours£9.95
Wholetail Scampi Whitby Scampi - lightly battered, deep fried, with garden peas & chips£12.50
Homemade Salmon Fishcakes Our special salmon-rich recipe. Chips or new & crisp Salad£12.50
Thai Green Chicken Curry. Medium Thai spiced sauce with lime leaves. Rice or chips£13.50
Chicken Tikka Masala An old authentic favourite, medium hot.. Creamy coriander sauce£12.50
2 x pappadom and pickle tray £2.95
Steak Pie Individual proper pie with chips, mash or new pots, garden or mushy peas£8.95
Chicken & Mushroom Pie As above, but served with chicken gravy this time£8.45
Steak & Kidney Pie A meaty slice of pie, with new, mash or chips; beef gravy & peas£8.95
Your Vegetarian Main Courses:
Omelette 3 free range eggs. Plain- Mushroom or Cheese, choice of potatoes & salad£9.50
Korean Style aubergine & roasted beetroot curry rich or chips or both. (Vegan)£12.50
Vegetarian Lasagne An old favourite, served with garlic bread or chips and fresh salad£11.50
Chickpea Curry with sweet potato. Choose rice or chips - or both? (Vegan) Medium£12.50
Penang Curry Cauli, mange tout, green beans & peppers in coconut sauce (Vegan)£11.50
Cheese & Tomato Quiche Homemade. Served with chips or new, and fresh salad£9.95
Cheese & Onion Pie. crisp shortcrust pastry, veggie gravy, garden or mushy peas & chips£8.45

Full allergy info is available at the bar, but please do advise any allergies when ordering.

Sunday Lunch

We offer a traditional roast lunch with all the trimmings, and a more casual menu too
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